Library Advisory Committee

The Library Advisory Committee meets quarterly at noon on the third Wednesday of the month, at the downtown Klamath County Library and simultaneously via Zoom. In 2024 they will meet January 17th, April 17th, July 17th, and October 16thThe public is invited! Please email Library Director Nathalie Johnston at to request a link to the Zoom call, or call us ahead of visiting at 541-882-8894 so we know to make room for you at the meeting table.

Mission Statement:

The basic role of the Library Advisory Committee shall be to advise the Library Director and Board of County Commissioners in establishing policy and in planning and developing program services for the Klamath County Library.

Board Positions:

Appointments to the Library Advisory Committee are made by the Board upon vacancy of a position. Board positions are:

  • Library Advisory Board Chair
  • Klamath Falls Representative (South Suburban)
  • Klamath Falls Representative 
  • Klamath Falls Representative 
  • Bonanza Representative
  • Chemult/Gilchrist Representative
  • Chiloquin Representative
  • Keno Representative
  • Malin Representative
  • Merrill Representative
  • Sprague River/Bly Representative

Board positions in bold above are open for the current term. Interested parties should complete the online application. Ideal applicants are library users in their representative communities. Applicants will have a communicative relationship with their branch’s staff and will bring reports of successes and challenges to the monthly Advisory Committee meetings. Please see the Library Advisory Board Job Description for a complete list of responsibilities.

Meeting Minutes:



The name of this organization shall be the Klamath County Library Advisory Board, as established by the County Commissioners, Klamath County, Oregon Order, 95-078 November 30, 1994.


Section1-Basic Role

The basic role the Library Advisory Board shall be to advise the Library Director and Board of County Commissioners in establishing policy and in planning and developing program services for the Klamath County Library.

Section 2- Governance

The Klamath County Advisory Board shall be governed by the By-Laws adopted by the Board and approved by the Klamath County Commissioners.

Section 3- Fiscal Year

The Library Board shall operate on a July 1-June 30 fiscal year, and membership appointments shall cycle on these dates.


It shall be the mission of the Klamath County Library to be a dynamic resource for the education, information, and enjoyment of the residents of Klamath County.


Section 1- Composition

The membership shall consist of eleven (11) members appointed by the Board of County Commissioners. The membership shall be; five (5) members representing the greater Klamath Falls community; one (1) member representing the Gilchrist and Chemult branch libraries; one (1) member representing the Chiloquin branch library; one (1) member representing the Sprague River, Bly and Beatty branch libraries; one (1) member representing the Bonanza branch library; one (1) member representing the Merrill branch library; and one (1) member representing the Malin branch library.

Section 2- Lay Citizens

Membership of the Library Board shall consist of persons who are not employed by the Klamath County Government.

Section 3- Terms of Office

The term of office shall be (3/4 every 3 years) three years. Library Board members may be appointed for two successive terms or for the balance of any unfilled term and successive terms. To effect continuity of membership, the terms shall be staggered so that at least four positions shall be open for appointment each July 1.

Section 4- Responsibilities

(A) Advisory Community members provide assistance to the Library Director and staff in planning, providing materials and services, and may assist the Director and Advisory Committee or special committees in executing specific responsibilities.

(B) Specific responsibilities of the Library Advisory Committee include the following operations functions.

(C) Understand current operations and services and the inherent strengths and limitations of the system.

(D) Planning and Financial Management;
1. Participation in the budget cycle (needs assessment, planning, budget work sessions and hearings, supplement funding studies, evaluation of program effectiveness with respect to expenditures).
2. Review other library systems and services, evolving technologies and practices.
3. Enhance main and branch library systems.
4. Research the need to develop new facilities, remodel, or expand existing facilities; develop proposals for site selection, implementation, and sourcing of financing.
5. Identify and recommend new continuing services and materials necessary to a full service county library.
6. Define required resources, identify resources supplement to tax support.
7. Development of special projects to increase services effectiveness and meet special needs.
8. Review library policy and procedures to ensure effective delivery of services, consistent management, and conformance with County policy, State, and Federal law.
9. Recommend enabling action to the Library Director and County Commissioners.

(E) Community, Public, Government, and Legislative Relationships.
1. Liaise with Friends of the Library group, PTA, and other community interest groups.
2. Liaise with business, agricultural, farming and other enterprise groups.
3. Enhance volunteer services, including high school students.
4. Develop librarian internship for local high school, college age students, and other target groups.
5. Support Friends of the Library groups in developing gift and bequest programs.
6. Procure analysis before approval or enactment of local, state, or national measures with potential impact on the Klamath County Library system.

(F) Recommend adjustments to library administration.

(G) Schedule not less than one meeting annually with the Commissioners.

Section 5- Meeting and Attendance

The Klamath County Library Advisory Board shall meet at least once per quarter.   A majority vote of the Board members, may at their discretion, declare a  position vacant if a Board member has had three unexcused absences per year, or a total of five absences per year from Board member meetings. When absences are unavoidable, Chairperson of the Board or the Library Director should be notified.

Section 6- Vacancies

The County Commissioners shall make appointments to fill any vacancies that occur. Such appointments shall be for the duration of the unexpired term of the position.


In July of each year the Library Board shall select a Chairperson and Vice Chairperson for a term of one year. Other offices may be established and filled as required to facilitate the functioning of the Library Board. The Library Director or a designated staff person shall function as Recording Secretary.

The Chair shall call meetings, set the agenda with the Library Director’s assistance, and preside. He/she shall appoint committees, of which he/she shall be ex officio member, and assign other tasks. The Vice Chair shall assist the Chair and preside in his/her absence.


The Chair may create ad hoc committees to advise and assist in promoting the goals of the Library Advisory Board. Such committees may include people from the community in addition to Board Members.


The Library Advisory Board and its committees may call upon other persons in the community to provide technical assistance, attend meetings, and participate in deliberations. (without voting rights)


Meetings of the Library Board and its committees are open to the public. The policy of the Library Board shall be to encourage and utilize input from the community. Meetings and actions of the Board shall be publicized in a timely manner.

Section 2- Special Meetings

The Chairperson may call special meetings by giving members written or verbal notice.

Section 3- Quorums

A quorum shall consist of six (6) members of the Advisory Board not including ex officio members. Meetings with discussion may be conducted without a quorum, but motions for action shall be referred to the next meeting with a quorum.

Section 4- Voting

Consensus shall be the preferred format for Board approval. If a consensus cannot be reached, then a formal vote shall be taken. Approval by at least six (6) members of the Board shall be required to effect final action. There shall be no voting proxy. In an emergency, voting may occur when the Chair deems it necessary, by polling all members.

Section 5- Parliamentary Procedures

A simplified Parliamentary Procedure for meetings and operations of the Library Board shall be the responsibility of the Chair. Should there be disagreement or objections to procedures, Robert’s Rules of Order, newly revised, shall constitute the authority.


If the Library Board or Committee member has a conflict of interest in any matters coming before him or her, he or she must declare the conflict and may be asked not to vote on that particular issue.


Amendments to these By-laws must be submitted in writing to all Klamath County Library Advisory Board members one (1) month in advance of the regular meeting in which the amendments are to be voted on. These By-laws may be amended by an affirmative vote of at least eight (8) members. All amendments to these By-laws must be ratified and approved by the Klamath County Board of Commissioners.
With the prior approval of the designated liaison Commissioner the Chairperson may declare an emergency and request temporary waiver of the By-laws for that meeting to facilitate Board operations. Temporary waiver of the By-laws for that meeting may then be approved by an affirmative vote of a majority of the members present.