Klamath County Library Foundation

Why does the library need extra funds?

While the future of the Library system is ensured at current levels, the Library Service District revenue does not provide enough funding to make the capital improvements needed to serve our growing community. Making these upgrades will allow the library to make the most of existing resources, operate more efficiently and serve more patrons!

 The Klamath County Library Foundation is a diverse group of individuals united by their love of reading, life-long learning, and their sense of community service. Since receiving its non-profit status in 2004 the Library Foundation has successfully raised funds to improve many of the facilities that have served county residents for over 100 years.

Some of the projects funded by the Library Foundation:

  • 2009 - Added a program room/children's area at the Main library
  • 2010 - Bonanza branch library addition
  • 2012 - New building for South Suburban library
  • 2013 - Added external bookdrops for the Merrill, Keno, Bonanza, Chemult, Gilchrist and Sprague River branch
  • 2018 - New building for the Sprague River library
  • 2020 - Purchased educational computers for various library branches
  • 2022 - Added a Garden deck at the Main library
  • 2023 - Added a Janitor/utility room at the Main library

The Klamath County Library Foundation is looking for individuals who want to help spearhead the continued funding of library improvements within Klamath County.  If you are interested in raising money for our libraries by organizing special events, seeking pledges, donations and grants, come meet the Library Foundation Board.

The Foundation meets the first Wednesday of each month at 12 Noon at the main library downtown. Please email us at kclfound@gmail.com if you want to know more.

If you wish to join the Klamath County Library Foundation please fill out this form and email it to kclfound@gmail.com or mail it at:

Klamath County Library Foundation,

P.O. box 7304

Klamath Falls, OR 97601

If you wish to make a donation please fill out this form:

Download the Foundation's Legacy Capital Campaign brochure and pledge sheet.