Records Request Form

You can now request Klamath County records online! Just fill out this online form to request public records from the Library, the Board of Commissioners, the Tax Collector, Animal Control, the Museum and more! (Note: this link will take you away from the library's website and onto Klamath County's.)

If you'd rather print out a paper form to fill in by hand, download this .pdf version and return it to the County department you're requesting the records from. (There's a list of department addresses on the second page of the .pdf.)

The fine print: Klamath County may require up to seven days to comply with any records request. Payment is to be made in advance unless prior arrangements are made.

Research Fee: Hourly staff rate + overhead (35%) if more than 15 minutes of staff time is required. Photocopies: $0.25/page* CD/DVD: $3.00* Electronic Format records may be provided at no cost, if less than 15 minutes staff time is involved.* If the request involves research prior to giving an estimate of the costs, and it is determined that the costs will exceed $25.00, the custodial department shall prepare an estimate and contact the requester to receive approval/denial to proceed with the records request.

*Unless superseded by a specific departmentally adopted fee schedule